Heidi Klum Bedazzles Own Face and Sits on Santa's Lap For Halloween Party

From Heidi Klum's Halloween party, which was held a month late because of Hurricane Sandy. It was also a benefit for the Red Cross, which is great, and honestly, I kinda love how insane it all is. My idea of throwing a party is buying Trader Joe's hummus trio, taking 1.5x dose of my cousin's social anxiety medication,… »12/03/12 11:00pm12/03/12 11:00pm


Victoria Beckham Descended From Communists, World Stops Making Sense

  • German researchers have discovered that Victoria Beckham is the descendant of Communist Carl Heinrich Pfänder, who fled to London in 1848 after participating in the failed revolution with Karl Marx. In other news, up is down, lions have lain down with lambs and black is now officially white. [Reuters]
  • Bob Novak, by…
  • »8/04/08 6:30pm8/04/08 6:30pm