In Defense Of The Badly-Behaved Britney Spears

The new September issue of Allure has gotten more publicity for the Conde Nast title than the self-professed "Beauty Expert" has had since, well, Natalie Portman confessed that she knew what it felt like to be black. The reason, of course, is the magazine's profile/non-profile of one Britney Jean Spears, who, true to… » 8/17/07 2:00pm 8/17/07 2:00pm

Vogue Magazine: Oh The Irony Of It All

We just came across this item, which references the horrible Keira Knightley/baby-elephant spread in the new issue of Vogue. For those of you who haven't seen it, the item is essentially a collage of the above image with a handwritten note reading "Maybe if they knew how to accessorize they wouldn't be going extinct?"… » 5/22/07 5:27pm 5/22/07 5:27pm