Rotting Fruit Is A Scientifically Proven Aphrodisiac

Many a ladies' man has claimed to know for sure that some item—green M&Ms, Spanish fly, arugula—is a powerful aphrodisiac, but none of these things have ever actually been proven effective. Until now. Scientists have recently discovered something that's guaranteed to work...on fruit flies. Grrrr—and, even worse, the… »9/28/11 6:50pm9/28/11 6:50pm

Just Like Drunk Dudes, Fruit Flies Have Trouble 'Getting It Up'

In an effort to study the longterm effects of alcohol on animals (and perhaps extrapolate the results to humans), scientists at Penn State dosed a bunch of male fruit flies with ethanol for several days to see if their behavior would change. And guess what? The sodden fruit flies got sluuutty! In the first part of the… »1/03/08 10:30am1/03/08 10:30am