Your Cat Could Be Suffering From a Debilitating Condition Called Boredom

Cat owners beware: Friskies is warning us of a terrible epidemic sweeping the feline nation: Cat boredom. Spokesman Chris Parnell, who should probably be in every commercial made from now on, reveals the sad fact that, "Every day jillions of cats silently suffer from cat boredom." But he says, "Cat boredom, or CB,… »5/21/12 9:30am5/21/12 9:30am

The Proper Way to Celebrate Leap Day Is With Your Cat

Further proof that America is the most wonderful country on Earth: Cats now have their own holiday. Well, they do if you believe Friskies, anyway. We may call today Leap Day, but they're saying it is actually "Plus Day," which is "a day of extras for your cat." Wait, isn't every day a day of extras—extra treats, extra… »2/29/12 10:30pm2/29/12 10:30pm