Frat Lobby Wants Congress to Block Schools From Investigating Rape  

The Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee is a real thing that exists, and this April, they'll lobby Congress to make it harder for colleges to investigate rape and sexual assault. While most universities have indeed made an impressive mess of handling rape cases, the FratPAC doesn't exactly seem to be… »3/25/15 12:20pm3/25/15 12:20pm


'FratPAC' Lobbies Against Anti-Hazing Bill, Because of Course It Does

In this age of special interest groups and untrustworthy politicians, how can we be really sure that the most vulnerable groups are being protected by the government? Who is advocating for the little guy? How can we be certain that everyone's rights are truly being protected? Specifically: who's looking out for… »7/24/13 7:00pm7/24/13 7:00pm