Now You Can Get Your Starbucks Drinks Without All the Extra Insects

First Starbucks switched to cochineal extract, a food coloring made from ground up bugs, to satisfy the demands of people wanting more natural products used in their food. Then the vegans found out the company had opted for insects and freaked out. So now Starbucks has announced it has abandoned the bug juice and will… » 4/19/12 9:15pm 4/19/12 9:15pm

Starbucks Pisses Off Vegans

Whether you're a vegan or not, the idea of eating crushed up bugs is kind of upsetting—and yet a lot of us do it regularly and don't even realize it. Wait, we do? Yes, the bugs in question are used to make something called cochineal extract, which is actually a pretty common product used to dye foods like yogurt and… » 3/29/12 9:30am 3/29/12 9:30am