Was the Burned Birkin Real Or Fake?

Days after commercial photographer Tyler Shields and his reality-TV-star girlfriend Francesca Eastwood hit headlines for lighting a $100,000 Hermès Birkin on fire for a photo shoot — and, astonishingly, facing subsequent criticism on the grounds of wastefulness, tackiness, and making bad photos — tongues are a-wagging… » 5/31/12 6:30pm 5/31/12 6:30pm

Burning A Birkin Is Not "Art"

California celebuspawn Francesca Eastwood got into some hot water recently when photographs taken by her boyfriend of eight months, Tyler Shields, ignited a fierce tabloid backlash. Eastwood, who is depicted lighting an Hermès Birkin bag on fire — one of the world's most coveted luxury goods, a handbag people pay tens… » 5/30/12 5:40pm 5/30/12 5:40pm