France May Pay To Replace Leaky Implants, But Only For Cancer Patients, Not Bimbos

Last week some of the roughly 30,000 French women who received faulty breast implants in the past decade protested outside the French health ministry, demanding that the government pay for the removal of the implants. Several of the women have developed cancer, and today officials said that if a link is established… »12/20/11 10:28pm12/20/11 10:28pm


Thousands Of Women Given Leaky, Toxic Breast Implants

Recently we've seen an uptick in stories about people injecting everything from non-medical silicone to cement into various body parts they'd like to see bigger. Usually, these procedures are performed by people who don't even play doctors on TV, but in France, tens of thousands of women wound up with a toxic chemical… »12/15/11 11:10am12/15/11 11:10am