See Cosmo's Secret Cover

It's well-known that sex-tips serializer, boinking bible, periodical of promiscuity, Cosmopolitan magazine sends out one, very toned-down, cover to advertisers, while another, significantly racier, cover goes to the newsstand — but playing spot-the-difference with 17-year-old Dakota Fanning's new cover is still fun.… » 1/11/12 12:30pm 1/11/12 12:30pm

Behold the Magical New Beauty Product That Fixes All Flaws & Solves All…

This parody ad for "Fotoshop" cosmetics comes to us from filmmaker Jesse Rosten. Rosten says, "I was watching TV one sleepless night and stumbled upon an infomercial for some beauty product. The commercial showed before and after portraits, that to my eye, looked like the same photo just photoshopped. I laughed to… » 1/10/12 2:45pm 1/10/12 2:45pm