Great Moments in Not Knowing Shit About Birth Control

It's been a roller coaster ride of a year for women and their ladyparts, thanks in large part to people who know nothing about birth control trying to discuss the nuances of birth control. Here's a loving homage to those misguided blabbermouths muddying up the national conversation with confidently delivered… » 3/16/12 1:00pm 3/16/12 1:00pm

Santorum Backer's Idea of Birth Control: Sluts Should Keep their Legs Closed

Foster Friess, who is the main donor to the SuperPAC propping up Rick Santorum's Presidential run, appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell today, where he offered some great, cheap birth control advice for "the gals" out there— keep your legs closed, whores. If you had suspected that Rick Santorum's financial backers… » 2/16/12 4:10pm 2/16/12 4:10pm