Catholic Colleges Refuse to Pay for Whore Pills

Religious colleges are displeased with the Obama administration's decision to require birth control coverage for their employees and students under the Affordable Care Act. Actually "displeased" probably isn't a good word. "Hopping mad" is more accurate. A group of hopping mad bishops is filing suit against the… » 1/30/12 11:15am 1/30/12 11:15am

Fordham Students Protest Hidden Anti-Birth-Control Policy [Updated]

Students at Fordham University complain that the Catholic school won't prescribe birth control at its campus clinics — and that this policy isn't made clear to incoming students. Now they're hosting an off-campus clinic as an alternative. » 11/28/11 1:20pm 11/28/11 1:20pm

Vogue Editor Can't Be Racist, Says Vogue Editor

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