Small Mexican Town Produces an Alarmingly Large Percentage of New York Sex Traffickers

Anyone familiar with the Mexico sketched in Roberto Bolaño's fiction knows that the southwestern borderlands from 2666 and The Savage Detectives is a place of almost mythic criminality, where apathetic or outright antagonistic law enforcement does little to relieve the heavy burden of drug cartel violence plaguing the… »6/03/12 5:00pm6/03/12 5:00pm


Woman Who Forced Underage Girls Into Prostitution Given Gentle One Year Sentence

A Washington woman who forced teenage girls to have sex with paying clients she found on the internet has been given some superjustice and sentenced to one year of jail time. If you think that punishment is too harsh for a woman who benefitted financially from forcing kids to have sex, don't fret; she can serve 300… »12/29/11 4:25pm12/29/11 4:25pm