Foot Enthusiast Promises Cheap Rent for Photos of Your Sexy Tootsies

The economy sucks and the rent is too damn high, so if you're living in Tucker, Georgia a local photographer/lady into feet is offering prospective roomies a spacious room in exchange for some artistic (read:indirectly sexual) services. » 2/10/15 7:40pm 2/10/15 7:40pm

Pussyfooting Around The Issue

Debby Herbenick (no relationship to Quentin Tarantino) thinks sex is about "more than just the vulva, penis or anus." But she's not talking about mouths, breasts or brains. For her, it's all about the feet. [Psychology Today, image via SMercury98] » 5/31/10 4:45pm 5/31/10 4:45pm

It's In Her Feet

According to psychologist Geoff Beattie, the easiest way to tell if a chick is digging you is by examining her feet. The way women move their feet can indicate sexual attraction, he claims, while men's motions often indicate nerves. [UPI] » 12/04/09 9:20am 12/04/09 9:20am