You Can Take The Girl Out Of Jezebel, But You Can't Take The Jezebel Out Of The Girl

There's no adequately poetic way to put this, so I'll just jump right in: Jennifer Gerson is leaving us at the end of this week. Jennifer, as some of our old-timers know, has been with the site since virtually the very beginning: In early February 2007, she answered an "ad" I put up on our brother site, Gawker,… »5/05/08 3:00pm5/05/08 3:00pm


From Homemakers To War Reporters, Women Now Get 46% Of The Vote

Although women got only 17% of the attention in the New York Times' "Notable Deaths of 2007" review last week, the "fairer sex" fared, well, better, in the newspaper's Sunday magazine, out yesterday. The magazine's annual "Lives They Lived" issue features a whopping 11 women (out of 24 profiles total), most of them… »12/31/07 9:30am12/31/07 9:30am

Susan L. Taylor, The Soul Of Essence, Leaves Mag After Almost Four Decades

In an industry where corporate loyalty has gone the way of the dodo, Susan L. Taylor has been synonymous with the Essence brand since the magazine's launch in 1970. Today, the NY Times reports that Ms. Taylor is stepping down from her post as publications director (she held that title for 7 years; she was… »12/28/07 9:30am12/28/07 9:30am