Elisabeth Fritzl Reportedly In Love With Bodyguard

Elisabeth Fritzl, whose father abused and imprisoned her for 24 years, is supposedly in love with the bodyguard assigned to protect her and her six children. Whether true or not, it's disturbing to see Fritzl become tabloid fodder with anonymous sources commenting on her love life. [Daily Mail] » 6/01/09 10:40am 6/01/09 10:40am

Fritzl Sentenced To Life In Psychiatric Center

Josef Fritzl was sentenced yesterday to life in prison, which he will serve in a psychiatric facility. However, due to a loophole, he could be released in 14 years. » 3/20/09 9:30am 3/20/09 9:30am

Fritzl Trial, Day 3: Josef Fritzl Pleads Guilty On All Counts

Today, day 3 of his trial, Josef Fritzl suddenly reversed his plea to guilty on all charges, including the murder of his infant son. He said that watching daughter Elisabeth's videotaped testimony changed his mind. » 3/18/09 9:30am 3/18/09 9:30am

Fritzl Trial, Day 2: Defense Portrays Rapist Abuser As A Caring Family…

In court today, the defense said Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years, raping her, and fathering her seven children, was "not a monster." His daughter's testimony said otherwise. » 3/17/09 9:30am 3/17/09 9:30am

Austrian Abuser Admits To Rape, Denies Murder On First Day In Court

Josef Fritzl, the 74-year-old Austrian man who kept his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her, has pled guilty to incest but denies murdering his infant son. » 3/16/09 9:30am 3/16/09 9:30am

Central Europe Is Becoming The Terrifying Incest Capital Of The World

Consider Jezebel your source for all nightmare-inducing horrific incest dungeon stories, » 9/10/08 9:30am 9/10/08 9:30am because there's another one hitting European papers: A 45-year-old Polish man named Krzysztof B. has held his now 21-year-old daughter Alicja captive since 2002 in their rural home. In that time, he's allegedly fathered Alicja's…

Natascha Kampusch, the other Austrian woman who was locked in a cellar for several years, is starting a new gig as a tv talk show host. "So much has been written about me, and so many people want to know what it's like to be on the other side [of the interviewer's table]," Kampusch said in a press conference with… » 5/29/08 4:20pm 5/29/08 4:20pm

Kerstin Fritzl, the granddaughter of "dungeon monster" Josef Fritzl, has woken from her medically induced coma. The Fritzls — Elisabeth, her six children and her mother, sans Josef — are now recovering in a psychiatric clinic in Austria. A source close to the family tells British tabloid The Mirror, "Elisabeth and… » 5/27/08 9:45am 5/27/08 9:45am

Paparazzi Hound Rape Victim Elisabeth Fritzl Into Public Press…

Celebrities know what they're getting into, paparazzi apologists will argue, dismissing the constant haranguing mega-stars and their reality TV counterparts experience at the hands of photographers. But Elisabeth Fritzl, the Austrian woman who was locked in the family cellar for 24 years by her deranged father, Josef,… » 5/19/08 9:30am 5/19/08 9:30am

Attorney Rudolf Mayer will use an insanity defense with client Josef Fritzl , the evil Austrian who imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in the family basement and fathered 7 children by her. "I believe that the trigger was a mental disorder, because I can't imagine that someone has sex with his own daughter without… » 5/05/08 10:45am 5/05/08 10:45am

Who Is Josef Fritzl?

Austrian authorities are still trying to piece together the story of Josef Fritzl, the man who kept his daughter, Elisabeth, captive in the family cellar for 24 years and fathered 7 of her children. Why, for instance, did he raise three of the children above-ground while keeping the other three surviving children (one… » 4/30/08 9:30am 4/30/08 9:30am

House Of Horrors

More news is coming out about Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter in a windowless dungeon for 24 years. Firstly: DNA tests confirm that Fritzl is the father of the seven children birthed by his daughter, Elisabeth. (Three of whom recently emerged from the dungeon to see natural daylight for the… » 4/29/08 3:20pm 4/29/08 3:20pm

Austrian Man Locked His Daughter In The Basement For 24 Years

Upon first reading the horrific story of 73-year-old Austrian Josef Fritzl, who locked his daughter, Elisabeth, in the family cellar in 1984 and proceeded to allegedly father as many as seven of her children, my reaction was damn, that is some V.C. Andrews shit. But then I read more of the reports, and I can no longer… » 4/28/08 9:30am 4/28/08 9:30am