Finance Roundup: This Isn't Really About Our Finances, Because That's Too Depressing

But you can totally sound like you read the Wall Street Journal if you stick with us! (For talking to Dana Vachon types, natch!) Today we wondered, will LVMH's loss of Heidi Slimane roil global stock exchanges once investors realize how traumatized everyone in New York is about it? No! LVMH stock seems to approve of… »3/29/07 1:27pm3/29/07 1:27pm


Finance Roundup: It's A Lot Easier To Be Thin When You Are Rich: Our Personal Finance Roundup

Skip lunch, read these articles and kill two birds! As we went to press it was a kinda-whatever day in the markets, allegedly on bad home sales data — no surprise to all you readers whose minds are so deadened and perfume-addled from the April glossy gluttony that you shirked your womanly duties to read The Economist »3/26/07 3:17pm3/26/07 3:17pm