Jennifer Lawrence Has a List of Demands in the Full Mockingjay Trailer

President Snow threatens Katniss by using her loved ones against her, Katniss threatens District 13 to save Peeta or find a new Mockingjay, Gale threatens aircrafts by destroying them with exploding arrows and Peeta threatens to continue wearing white after Labor Day. For all that is good and Haymitch, will Panem ever »9/15/14 3:45pm9/15/14 3:45pm


The NYT Review of Woody Allen's New Movie Is Deliciously Scathing

There's a reason why New York Times film critic A.O. Scott made Jezebel's Hot 100. His criticism is consistently insightful, humorous and justifiably biting (like when he reviewed Adam Sandler's latest comedy with a succinct "It will make your children stupid"). The latest target for his ire: Woody Allen's Magic in… »7/26/14 3:45pm7/26/14 3:45pm

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Reunite as Siblings in The Skeleton Twins

Whenever you pair Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader up on screen, something good is going to happen. It was true for Saturday Night Live where they brought a fun and sparkly energy to even their weakest bits, it was true in Adventureland where they played the husband/wife owners of an amusement park, and — if the pattern… »7/01/14 4:50pm7/01/14 4:50pm

Dear White People Is Calling Out the Shitty Way Media Treats Race

Here's your first look at Justin Simien's Dear White People, the Indiegogo-funded comedy about depictions of African Americans in the media as told from the perspective of four black Ivy League students. Based on the trailer and positive reception on the festival circuit, Dear White People is shaping up to be one of… »6/20/14 6:20pm6/20/14 6:20pm