Forget Boner-Killing Bloody Vaginas: Childbirth Can Make Men…

"Why Men Should NEVER Be At The Birth Of Their Child" blares the headline in today's Daily Mail. But if you assume that the accompanying story immediately launches into an appeal for a return to "modesty" and warnings about how witnessing childbirth can kill a man's libido, you'd be wrong. (That crops up in the third » 4/16/08 12:30pm 4/16/08 12:30pm

Unlike Alveda King, I Am Neither "Reformed" Nor A Murderer

Not only is today Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, tomorrow marks the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade. (Erica Jong weighs in here.) And did you know that one of the most vocal abortion opponents is Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, self-described "reformed murderer" Alveda King? (King, seen above… » 1/21/08 12:00pm 1/21/08 12:00pm

Fox's Abortion Reality Filled With White Christian Women

The mouthpiece of your crazy republican grandma, Fox News, debuted a documentary on abortion this past Saturday called Facing Reality: Choice (somehow that sounds like the set up for a joke, but it's for real). Fox purports to show the struggles that "everyday Americans" experience when deciding the fate of their… » 10/29/07 5:00pm 10/29/07 5:00pm

Catholic Blowhard Says Women Seeking Or Having Abortions Should Get 15…

Remember that video that posed the question to pro-lifers: "How much time should women spend in prison for having an abortion were it to be outlawed?" None of people protesting outside of abortion clinics could come up with a suitable answer. (One brainiac even said, "Well, that's between [the woman] and God.") Well, … » 9/05/07 6:45pm 9/05/07 6:45pm