Female Bikers Use Instagram to Connect and Inspire Each Other 

Through the power of social media, more and more female motorcyclists are connecting and joining each other on rides. The Guardian reports an influx of women riders finding others of their ilk through social channels such as Instagram. These women are also starting cool motorcycle collectives throughout the country,… »8/16/15 7:00pm8/16/15 7:00pm

Women Avoid Cycling Due To "Helmet Hair" • Ex-Mormon Gives $1M To Support Gay Marriage

• According to a survey commissioned by Cycling England, 58% of English women don't ride their bike to work »9/19/08 5:40pm9/19/08 5:40pm because they don't want to arrive sweaty and 27% avoid riding because they don't want "helmet hair." • On Thursday, Tennessee State University gave degrees to 10 black students (3 of them posthumously) that the…