Are Tubby Cartoon Characters Making Your Kids Fat?

If your kid loves Garfield or Cathy (don’t knock it, there are dozens of us) you may want to keep a careful eye on their eating habits. New research suggests that lovably chubby cartoon characters might be encouraging children to pig out more and worry about health less. And, according to the study, it’s all… » 7/28/15 7:45pm Tuesday 7:45pm

"Hi Tracie! I'm Writing This Story About People Who Grew Up As Chubby…

I've definitely struggled with my weight, but my troubles started when I was an adult and started (and stopped) doing certain drugs, causing me to yo-yo like Anna Nicole Smith. I've dealt with the extra pounds in both healthy (the gym, Weight Watchers) and unhealthy (prescription diet pills, laxatives) ways. I've… » 4/09/08 4:00pm 4/09/08 4:00pm