The NY Times Obviously Wants Us To Hate "The Empress Of Edge."

If you want to write a serious profile of the editor of the biggest new thing in the magazine world, don't start it,"Katie Grand has never met a handbag she didn't love." » 2/23/09 3:20pm 2/23/09 3:20pm

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Michelle?

She's fashion's latest muse, and yet...not. Says New York, "There lurks an unspoken, uneasy relationship between the industry and its newest icon." To put it bluntly, Michelle Obama makes fashion feel bad about itself. » 1/26/09 4:40pm 1/26/09 4:40pm

Karl Lagerfeld: Everybody's Jealous of Carla Bruni

Tough Questions

Lynn Yaeger, one of the sauciest fashion critics around, was given the task of asking various celebrities and fashionistas that hated election question: "Who is chicer, Michelle or Cindy?" Susan Sarandon ignored the question. Kelly Cutrone admitted that she loves Michelle's style and that Cindy "looks like a baseball… » 7/23/08 9:45am 7/23/08 9:45am

Who's Behind View From The Fourth Row?

Our favorite magazine-industry blog, the anonymously-penned "View From The Fourth Row", has a new post up: A blind item about a "true life editrix" (we hate that word, "editrix") who is said to love her BlackBerry so much she'd take it into the shower if she could. We don't really care who this unnamed fashion editor… » 5/22/07 3:25pm 5/22/07 3:25pm