Dear Magazines: Please Stop Prostituting Your Interns

Interns have had a reputation as office mattresses for quite a while now, and the recent spate of intern-whoring at magazines is only making matters worse. First Teen Vogue creates an entire brand around a couple of marginally-intelligent and barely legal blondes, and then last week, Blackbook realized the viral… » 11/12/07 1:30pm 11/12/07 1:30pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': Devora Rose Gives Mandie "Cunt Face"…

Poor Laurie—the assistant to replace Nicole-from-Queens at Seventh House—is really being baptized by fire in Manhattan's PR world. First she had an encounter with Devora Rose, the EIC of a magazine that we don't read, and was all but told that her size-6 frame could benefit from a lack of food. (BTW, Devora Rose used… » 9/06/07 1:00pm 9/06/07 1:00pm

The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie 'Cunt Face' Erickson: Before She Was…

A very awesome reader pointed us in the direction of this photo of The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson from back in the day (way back—before Natasha's junkie, scabby face looked like a connect-the-dots puzzle), and suggests that perhaps CF's raspy voice was brought on by smoking crack with Natasha… » 8/31/07 11:00am 8/31/07 11:00am

'The Fashionista Diaries': Ebony And Ivory

The storyline of Flirt! Cosmetics assistants Janjay and Tina finally got interesting on last night's episode of The Fashionista Diaries; after all, it was inevitable that the editors would get around to playing up the cultural differences between the two girls. (Tina is a white girl from Connecticut and Janjay is… » 8/30/07 3:30pm 8/30/07 3:30pm

Andrew From 'Fashionista Diaries' Has Convincingly Straight MySpace…

So, we're obsessing a little bit about the interns/assistants from The Fashionista Diaries after last night's cliffhanger in which the poor kids found out that Jane magazine folded. On a whim we searched for Andrew on MySpace and we were over-the-moon at what we discovered. First up: That picture to the left. All… » 8/30/07 2:30pm 8/30/07 2:30pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': 'Jane' Magazine Folds!

We were left with a big cliffhanger on last night's Fashionista Diaries when Andrew and Rachel received text messages from Bridget (who heard from Cunt Face, who read it on the internet) that Jane magazine was folding. The poor kids were sitting in a conference room eating lunch, blissfully unaware of all the… » 8/30/07 11:00am 8/30/07 11:00am

'The Fashionista Diaries': Gays and Dolls

We were psyched for Cunt Face to interview girls to replace Nicole on last night's Fashionista Diaries. Fresh blood! As ever, CF really went above and beyond her cunt duties by rolling her eyes for seemingly no reason immediately after meeting her first victim interviewee. But the biggest bitch of all last night was… » 8/23/07 1:00pm 8/23/07 1:00pm