Donna Karan's Hideous Orange Fashion Week Bikes Set Free From Chains By Vigilante Jezebel Readers!!

Donna Karan does a lot of typically ridiculous fashion industry stuff in the name of not being the average typically ridiculous fashion industry person, but her orange bicycles take proverbial ayurvedic macrobiotic unitarian wedding cake. In the name of reducing our dependence on foreign oil/increasing our dependence… »2/06/08 2:00pm2/06/08 2:00pm


Project Runway's Elisa Jimenez' Crazy, Sorta-Sexy "Hunger World"

Elisa Jimenez made a name for herself as this season's Project Runway contestant most likely to spit on a piece of fabric, rub it in grass to infuse it with the spirit of the earth, and use the word "polymorphic" to describe virtually all of her designs. Early yesterday, the 42-year old performance artist and designer… »2/04/08 12:00pm2/04/08 12:00pm