Ivana Trump Looks Back On 9/11/2001, A Day She Went Business Casual

What were you wearing on September 11, 2001? A Fashion Week attendee NEVER FORGETS. Interestingly, Ivana Trump and her newish Italian boychick Rossano Rubicondi — asked to recall their outifts by Jezebel's hijacked Wonkette videographer Liz Glover at yesterday's Zac Posen show — were both sporting strikingly similar »9/12/07 4:30pm9/12/07 4:30pm

Julia Allison Asks: What About Fashion Makes You Want To Hurl?

Okay, so you got the joke: Fashion Week makes us puke. Hence we're giving out barf bags!! At Bryant Park! Just steps away from Vera Wang! Right now!! But just as we each have our own personal style, we all have our own personal reasons for feeling the tongue sweat during Fashion Week. For Jennie it's the free booze… »9/07/07 12:00pm9/07/07 12:00pm

The 'Glamour' Malaria Party: Full Of Fashion Icons, None Of Whom We've Heard Of

Glamour held a party last night called "Fashion Gives Back" which I attended with accomplished photojournalist Nikola Tamindzic. The idea of the party was some complicated financial arrangement whereby victims of malaria are somehow benefited by victims of fashion. (Limited-edition cures for the maximum killer of… »9/05/07 1:30pm9/05/07 1:30pm