"Designer" Peaches Geldof Is Inspired By Bram Stoker, The Cure, Privilege

  • It girl, celeb spawn, columnist and designer Peaches Geldof's design inspirations: “I looked at icons like Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith, and took notes from Gothic novels like 'Dracula' — the cape came about while I read this.” [WWD]
  • Eric Clapton apparently has a custom Hermes, alligator-skin guitar case. It's…
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The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Commercials Are A Real Bust

If you've got a big rack and are sensitive to people staring at your chest, you might not like the new ads »9/17/08 12:30pm9/17/08 12:30pm for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirts. While they're tongue-in-cheek and ultimately for a good cause, both involve a man staring (and/or pointing) at a woman's chest and making comments. In a…

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer With Lots Of Hose, Pointy Boots

I love the title of this charity; it's like, Science had its shot, now we're bringing in the big guns! Fashion Targets Breast Cancer celebrated 10 years in Australia last night with a gala in concert with IMG Fashion at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Marquee. I thought the clothes were pretty strange, but then,… »8/13/08 10:30am8/13/08 10:30am