Mandie Erickson In 'Page Six Magazine': The Female Dog Gets Her Day

Imagine our absolute delight when we saw that this week's Page Six Magazine had a big, juicy profile on our favorite evil "mentor" Mandie Erickson from The Fashionista Diaries. Oh, and it's a good one, too! The headline asks, "Is This the Most Hated Woman in New York?" Well, judging by the piece, writer Maureen… »11/12/07 12:00pm11/12/07 12:00pm


Mandie Erickson Designs Clothes But Doesn't Want Us To Know About It

Remember Mandie Erickson, the PR mentor/reality show villain/cunt face from The Fashionista Diaries? Well, apparently her talents are not limited to being horrible at interpersonal communication while working in public relations and making others feel bad about themselves as a way to mask her own insecurity. She also… »11/05/07 3:00pm11/05/07 3:00pm

Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson Didn't Always Talk Like That

How psyched are you for tonight's episode of Fashionista Diaries? The New York Times ran Ginia Bellafante's review of the show today that included this gem »8/15/07 6:00pm8/15/07 6:00pm

Ginia takes a shot at Cunt Face's intelligence/education: And while we totally get where she's coming from, we actually have the inside scoop on CF's educational…