Match "Rich Guys & Hot Girls" Matchmaker Jeremy Abelson With His Offensive Quotes!

Meet Jeremy Abelson! We met him thanks to the ever-life-affirming Page Six Magazine. (Thanks to also-affirming P6M contributor Josh Stein!) If "Crap Email From A Dude" generally serves to remind you why you made that pledge never to date another bartender/bike messenger/Sad Aging Literary Man, the role of such Douche… »6/23/08 1:00pm6/23/08 1:00pm

Attention, Hot Fashion Industry Chicks! Hedge Fund Managers Are Desperate Enough To Bone You Now

Great news, gender! The recession is upon us, and investment bankers are being forced to lower their standards! Admission into the ranks of women they will fuck is no longer being exclusively limited to models! For a limited time only, any women in the fashion industry can be screened for (heh) interest. This… »6/05/08 2:40pm6/05/08 2:40pm