Christmas Couture: Cats Are Cool, Mistletoe Is "So Last Year"

As a Jew, Christmas sweaters have long intrigued me. After all, it can't just be holiday cheer and love for Jesus that inspires grown women to wear sweaters emblazoned with sequins, the occasional jingle bell, and a tableau of knit animals acting out the Nativity, right? So it was with particular interest that I read … » 12/20/07 4:20pm 12/20/07 4:20pm

Do Not Dress Your Child In Designer Clothes

Some of us did not own a pair of shoes until we were old enough to walk. And not just teeter, mind you. But full-out walk without a care (or parent around) in the world. Because buying shoes for miniature people who don't walk is dumb. Even more dumb? Buying designer clothes for children who grow faster than a cluster… » 7/25/07 6:00pm 7/25/07 6:00pm