Danielle Staub Tries To Slut-Shame Ashley Dupree

Not that anyone is qualified to slut-shame—since it's an ignorant and baseless practice—but perhaps Danielle Staub should take her own advice: "Before you call someone a name, you might just wanna go back and think about what you've done that I could fire back with." Like the sex tape. Or the stripping. Or the… »7/18/11 6:10pm7/18/11 6:10pm


Heidi Montag And Danielle Staub Get All Mean Girls Towards Ashley Dupree

Vh1's reality offering Famous Food made its debut last night, and with a cast consisting of Eliot Spitzer's ex-call girl, the more voluptuous half of Speidi, RHONJ's "prostitution whore," The Sopranos' "Big Pussy," a former Bachelor, and the Three 6 Mafia, it was clear even before the first frame that this show… »7/11/11 12:55pm7/11/11 12:55pm