Mascara Ads Will Never Not Feature False Eyelashes

In news that will surprise no one, despite years of being chastised by the National Advertising Division, makeup companies have continued to fight the good fight and attempt to convince customers that those SKY HIGH lashes are the result of their product and are not also helped by a good set of falsies. At this point,… » 11/13/13 10:50am 11/13/13 10:50am

Detailed Paper-Cut False Eyelashes Depict Entire Scenes On Your Eyelids

Likely inspired by the Chinese art of paper-cutting, these highly-detailed false lashes by Taiwanese designer Ting yu Wang incorporates designs, animals, and sometimes even a whole scene that will fit atop your eyelids. While some may say they're a bit busy, I think they're pretty neat — until you get something caught… » 7/27/11 9:13pm 7/27/11 9:13pm