House Hunters Has Been Selling You a Big Lie

There are many of us who love House Hunters, the ridiculously addictive show on HGTV about people who are, you guessed it, hunting for houses. And while we have long known in our hearts that much, if not all, of the show is staged and as fake a faux brick exterior, there is now seriously concrete proof that it is… » 6/12/12 12:30pm 6/12/12 12:30pm

That Story About The Poop Tattoo Is A Load Of Crap

Some crazy tale involving a boyfriend, a cheating girlfriend, Narnia and a poo-tattoo has gone viral, with lots of media outlets claiming that some dude inked shit on his ladyfriend's back when he found out she was cheating. But! The Smoking Gun reports that the story is "Fake. Fake. Fake." Let your friends know.… » 11/29/11 6:10pm 11/29/11 6:10pm

Label Whores: Selling Fake Fashion? Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Ever wonder if your H&M dress could pass for its designer original? We do, and that's why we are bringing back Label Whores, in which we sew designer labels on cheap chic clothing and attempt to fake out some of the snobbiest sartorialists out there: big city consignment store buyers. In today's installment, we travel… » 7/07/08 12:00pm 7/07/08 12:00pm