New Lady/Gay Male BFF Show Is Obvious, Pointless

The new Sundance channel show Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is a "groundbreaking" (their claim) series that explores the relationship between a woman and her gay best friend. » 12/06/10 1:50pm 12/06/10 1:50pm

Is It Time To Retire The Term "Fag Hag?"

Popularized by Margaret Cho and Will & Grace, the archetype of the "fag hag" once had something to offer both gay men and straight women. Now, says Thomas Rogers at Salon, its time is up. » 8/18/09 1:00pm 8/18/09 1:00pm

We're Headed To Philly Tonight!

Megan and I are convening in Murderdelphia tonight for tomorrow's Pennsylvania primary! This morning a seven-alarm fire reminded everyone once more there used to be an economy there. Now there are too many vacant buildings and not enough crackheads to fill them. Five murders happened over the weekend in Philly.… » 4/21/08 10:00am 4/21/08 10:00am

Bea Arthur And Rock Hudson Gaily Sing About Drugs

Brace yourselves. Above is a clip in which Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson sing an up-tempo number all about drugs. "Sniff, swig, puff and all your cares are gone," the pair belt out on the 1979 Emmy-nominated Beatrice Arthur Special (which actually might have been the gayest event on television, as it also featured… » 12/17/07 7:00pm 12/17/07 7:00pm