Women Across the Globe Gaining Financial Control

"The earning power of women globally is expected to reach $18 trillion by 2014 [...] That is more than twice the estimated 2014 GDP of China and India combined." The story of the current recession is definitely about women. » 10/26/09 5:20pm 10/26/09 5:20pm

Candyland: Living In The Past Sounds Okay, If Lou Reed Is Scoring It

One man has devoted his life to the legacy of "self-styled transgender glamour girl" Candy Darling. Odd, but as a NY Times profile shows, compelling. » 2/25/09 6:00pm 2/25/09 6:00pm

With China's economy booming, factories are springing up all over the country, and, in one of the largest migrations in human history, poor, young villagers are streaming into the makeshift cities that emerge around the factories. Earlier this afternoon, NPR interviewed author Leslie Chang about her new book, Factory… » 10/14/08 5:20pm 10/14/08 5:20pm