Drawing Dicks On A Dude Is All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Stabbed

It's a scientific fact that fucking with drunk dudes is hilarious, but apparently Scott Masse does not accept the laws of the universe. Mr. Masse became so incensed when he thought his friends drew a penis on his face, he pulled a knife on them. According to the police report, which the Smoking Gun has delightfully… »1/14/08 5:00pm1/14/08 5:00pm


30 Reasons Girls Should Send Us Pictures of Their Drunken Dude Friends

Yesterday the London Daily Mail published a story about a Facebook group called 30 "Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night" in which ladettes "glorify their shameful drunken antics" by posting pictures of themselves in various states of inebriation and undress. Of course, these antics weren't shameful enough for the … »11/06/07 5:30pm11/06/07 5:30pm