Louis C.K. is taking another break from Louie.

Louis C.K. is taking another break from Louie. For how long? Shrug, who knows. He’ll be using that time to work on a movie and develop the show Better Together with Pamela Adlon. FX CEO John Landgraf says, “He is anxious to take a break and wants to focus on other things.” Louie also went on hiatus for two years after… »8/07/15 5:15pm8/07/15 5:15pm


The Trailer For Fargo's Next Season Is Vintage Midwestern Perfection

A woman’s been murdered in a Luverne, Minnesota Waffle Hut sometime in the 1970s, and it’s got everyone in the area afraid, confused, excited, vengeful, or all of the above. That’s just about all the plot we’re given in the excellent trailer for the second season of Fargo, but I think it’s all we need. »7/21/15 5:10pm7/21/15 5:10pm

Television Is Resurrecting the Romantic Comedy From Its Deathbed

Have you noticed more romantic plots creeping onto your TV screen? And perhaps on shows that are comedic, rather than dramatic? Don't look now, but the rom com is perhaps pulling a Lazarus. It's just that everyone is very, very shy of the term "romantic comedy" after years of stinkers anchored by Matthew McConaughey. »8/18/14 2:40pm8/18/14 2:40pm