This Week, People Scared Us And We Scared People

• We met an Austrian man who locked his daughter and their children in his cellar for 24 years. Sometimes the eyebrows can reveal the psychopath inside! • Sometimes we eat our trash, it is sort of like recycling! • We told old people to get off Facebook or at least un-tag us from unflattering boozy pictures! • Miley… » 5/02/08 4:40pm 5/02/08 4:40pm

There Are Five Types Of "Extreme Shoppers," And They're All Horrifying

Today's Women's Wear Daily bemoans the five types of dysfunctional "extreme shoppers." These women live where conspicuous consumption and pathology meet. You know them, surely — or, at least, you've seen them: They demand attention. They cry in the dressing room. They cry outside of the dressing room. They cry outside… » 4/29/08 2:30pm 4/29/08 2:30pm