When Friending Your Ex Works Out Just Fine

I found my ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Did you raise your eyebrows? Do you think this is a good idea? How do you imagine this story will end? Would it change your mind to learn that we broke up in 1978? » 8/05/10 6:35pm 8/05/10 6:35pm

Daily Mail: Belle De Jour's Ex Resents Her, Wants Her Back

"She never asked if she could write about our life together and I feel humiliated. She hates me because she thinks I leaked her name, but I still love her and think about her every five minutes." [Daily Mail] » 11/17/09 1:30pm 11/17/09 1:30pm

"A Mild Jerk Or A Total Jerk": Vogue Writer Contacts, Disses His Exes

In October Vogue, Tad Friend pulls a High Fidelity by contacting all his exes. One of them reminds him that she didn't really sleep with him that many times — and from the article, you can kind of see why. » 9/25/09 2:00pm 9/25/09 2:00pm