The Esquire Map To Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dating History

Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose womanly allure has been well chronicled, is no slouch in the dating department. She's been linked to hotties near and far, including talk show hosts Craig Ferguson [Yum. -Ed.], and Carson Daly, teen heartthrobs Joey Lawrence and Wilmer Valderrama, rising stars Patrick Wilson and Kip Pardue,… » 1/23/08 2:30pm 1/23/08 2:30pm

Can You Really Stay Friends With An Ex?

An article in the generally ridiculous British tabloid The Sun gives ladies advice on how to have "good ex-iquette" — i.e., how to handle an old flame with grace. Sex scribe Emily Dubberley insists that being friends with an ex is possible if you do things like avoid drunk dialing, "have self-respect", "be nice to… » 11/06/07 11:30am 11/06/07 11:30am