WTF Is Happening On This Month's Every Day With Rachael Ray Cover?

Rachael Ray heads an impressive empire consisting of TV shows, branded merchandise, and even a monthly magazine about living the Rachael Ray lifestyle full of tips designed to simplify and streamline the lives of homemaking adults. But this month's cover of Every Day with Rachael Ray will only make lives more… »5/30/14 5:20pm5/30/14 5:20pm


Rachael Ray Foolishly Attempts Smackdown With Martha Stewart

Do not fuck with Martha Stewart. Post-prison Martha will cut you. Or at least make your soufflé fall on purpose. If we were Rachael Ray, we'd start hiding out now. Ray, the annoyingly chirpy maker of 30-minute meals and head of her own Martha-esque media empire (Magazine? Check. Talk show? Check. Cook books? Check),… »11/07/07 11:30am11/07/07 11:30am