Miley & Bret's Live Duet, Singing A Sad Sad Song

Today on GMA, Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels performed "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." It was better than Miley's leaked solo version, but her head-thrashing dance moves and mouthing Bret's lines were definite thorns. Click to watch. » 6/18/10 10:40am 6/18/10 10:40am

Surprise! It's Miley's Auto-tuned Cover Of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

Miley Cyrus' "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" cover — the result of her somewhat creepy friendship with Bret Michaels — has leaked. The computer singing for Miley will actually make you long for Bret's soulful crooning. Click to listen. [YouTube] » 6/16/10 3:20pm 6/16/10 3:20pm

Celebrity Apprentice: Bret Michaels's "Rose & Thorn" Analogy

On last night's episode—after losing a challenge and facing getting fired—when asked about teammate Cyndi Lauper, Bret described "her rose and her thorn," referencing his 1988 hit, but also sort of muddling up its meaning. » 5/10/10 2:00pm 5/10/10 2:00pm