We Are Really Glad It's Friday

The Fashion-Filled Week That Was

Terrence Howard Really Shouldn't Take Ass So Seriously

Frankly, this week was all about the ass. Designer Tom Ford is one. Vogue acts like one. Terrence Howard is not only one but he thinks way too hard about other people's. And now we can't stop thinking about 'em. We dream of baby wipes. We say "Huggies" when we mean "Hello." And we're starting to look at the… » 8/24/07 7:00pm 8/24/07 7:00pm

What We Learned This Week: Regressing Is The New Progressing

Guest-editing at Jezebel this week was a little bit like one going on one of those Outward Bound trips your parents send you on in high school when they find your bong. You know, you're out in the woods, away from all of your friends with a bunch of strangers, you learn to make your own fires (or in this case, learn… » 8/17/07 7:20pm 8/17/07 7:20pm

Sex, Lies And Cellulite: What We Learned This Week

This was a week full of ups and downs: At first we worried about being fried to death by the heat wave, then we worried about being washed away by the hurricane. And now it's fucking cold aside! And in some deranged way, we like to think that there's an analogy in here somewhere, linking to what we learned this week:
» 8/10/07 7:00pm 8/10/07 7:00pm

All We Do Is Think About Sex... And Anna Wintour

We're beginning to think that we're the last people on the internet today. No one is answering our emails, or IMs, or commenting on that cute picture of Brad Pitt and Zahara. What gives? Anyway, for those of you who are still chained to your desks, as we are, and too poor to have a weekend beach house (and a contract… » 8/03/07 7:00pm 8/03/07 7:00pm

Enough Already

Yup, Jezebel's proverbial 15 minutes expired days ago (maybe even last week!) but we hope that even without an attention-getting unretouched magazine cover photo, this week was as [insert adjective here] for you as it was for us. Here were some of the highlights:
» 7/27/07 7:30pm 7/27/07 7:30pm

Mommy, Our Heads Hurt

Remember that time earlier in the week when we were sober? Before we decided that "Hungover Friday Picture Day" was a good idea? Yeah, we sorta remember that time too! As such, the least alcohol-infused among us has created a helpful guide to some of the things on Jezebel that actually required some semblance of brain… » 7/13/07 6:20pm 7/13/07 6:20pm