Paris Hilton Already Prepping For That Stint In Solitary

Lord knows we hate to post about Paris Hilton, but we think the girl's beyond the point where self-help is gonna do any good.
[Hollywood, CA; May 21. Image via Splash] » 5/22/07 6:00pm 5/22/07 6:00pm

Brad & Angelina: Far Away, So Close

Have these two ever been photographed kissing since they came out as a couple? That is to say, really kissing? If they're going to go to the trouble of getting all dolled-up and leaving the wee ones at home, the least they could do is give us some tongue. [Cannes, France; May 21. Image via Splash] » 5/22/07 11:10am 5/22/07 11:10am

Empty Stomach, Womb Make Carmen Hawk A Grumpy Girl

Behold the difference between a woman who eats (Milla Jovovich, pregnant with her first child) and a woman who, well, probably doesn't (Carmen Hawk, Jovovich's design-partner and barren beanpole). If you think we're being unfair, there's an entire series of these two — appearing at the design debut of their… » 5/15/07 5:30pm 5/15/07 5:30pm

Nothing Says 'Best Time Of Our Lives' Like Watching Keira Knightley and…

Clearly Keira and Sienna have gotten, uh, extra-close while filming The Best Time of Our Lives with Matthew Rhys. So close that they love to play "games" together even when they're not filming. Games that involve grabbing your colleague from behind while your male co-worker watches. » 5/10/07 2:54pm 5/10/07 2:54pm

Sienna Miller And Pooch Are Moments Away From Singing "Always Look On…

Sure, Sienna has neither Jude Law nor the legit acting career she hoped to achieve by channelling Edie Sedgwick in one of the most forgettable movies of the year. But she does have her trusty dog! Following his lead, she looks up to the sky and prays that she won't look fat compared to Keira Knightley while they film … » 5/09/07 3:47pm 5/09/07 3:47pm