5 Fashion Model Blogs That Are Actually Interesting

The casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that personality is making a fashion comeback just now, after years of Eastern Brazilopean clones on the runway and in the magazines. » 4/30/09 5:00pm 4/30/09 5:00pm

The Week That Became An Emotional Rollercoaster

Top Model Elyse Sewell And Dorky Indie Rock Boyfriend Arrested For…

Elyse Sewell, our favorite Top Model alum (cycle 1), and her now ex-boyfriend Marty Crandall, the keyboardist for the Shins, were involved in a domestic dispute this weekend that ended in the both of them going to jail. Elyse described the whole incident on her Live Journal page, saying that while staying in a hotel… » 1/06/08 3:30am 1/06/08 3:30am