Jessica Simpson Is "Alluring," "Romantic," "America's Sweetheart"

  • Jessica Simpson's perfume is coming out. It's called "Fancy" and the following description doesn't even need to be parodied. '"Fancy is as alluring, feminine and romantic as Jessica Simpson herself. Her talent, charm and values have made her America's sweetheart and have shown her to be the kind of person that women…
  • »8/13/08 11:30am8/13/08 11:30am


A New Vuitton-Murakami Handbag Line "Will Help Make New York Strong Again!"

  • Takashi Murakami: would you just look at that fucking face? That is a face that will almost melt your cynicism away. You'll forget most people know who he is because he designed a line of handbags for Louis Vuitton...
  • And that handbag line got knocked off to the point that he's arguably America's most famous…
  • »4/07/08 11:30am4/07/08 11:30am

Young Adult Novels Plumb New Depths Of Product Placement

About a year ago, I was desperate to review Dial L For Loser from the New York Times best-selling tween book series The Clique. I thought the title was hilarious and I wanted to see what sort of written culture the kiddies are consuming these days. Within the first ten pages, there were mentions of Ella Moss, Neiman… »2/20/08 3:00pm2/20/08 3:00pm