Hot Obama Adviser Samantha Power F*****s Up Big Time!

Dear Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power, you are hot. You are Elizabeth Kucinich hot, maybe even Huma Abedin hot. But you like to say "Fuck" and that's what really counts here. You play basketball. With George Clooney. You're a humanitarian. Marie Claire named you the Smartest Woman In America. You wrote a… » 3/07/08 10:00am 3/07/08 10:00am

Before Michelle, Barack Obama Thought Marriage Was A Meaningless Institution Blah Blah

You know they worked at the same law firm and saw Do The Right Thing and ate Baskin-Robbins on their first date, but there are still a lot of unknown unknowns about the courtship of Michelle and Barack Obama that feebleminded swooning McDreamers like us have been gorging ourselves on Kucinich romance news to make up… » 3/03/08 3:00pm 3/03/08 3:00pm

Six Things You Somehow Didn't Already Know About Dennis And Elizabeth Kucinich's Beautiful Love

You guys are not going to believe me, but there are things you didn't know about the unique and special bond shared by Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich. Sure, you already knew they met the day Ravi Shankar told Dennis he was going to meet someone special, that it was love at first sight, that they married on their second… » 2/14/08 5:00pm 2/14/08 5:00pm

How Dennis Kucinich Landed Smoking Hot Liz, In 8 Minutes!

Elizabeth Kucinich dishes to MSNBC today about how it exactly happened that she got engaged to neo-Nader presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich the second time they met. » 10/31/07 5:30pm 10/31/07 5:30pm

Okay, the tough part here is that you want to make a joke about Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell, and how Alan Greenspan likes his policy and…