Pardon The Interruption: Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Has His Awkward (And…

Roger Ross Williams, Oscar-winning director of the documentary Music by Prudence, has had an interesting week. First, he won an Oscar; seconds later, his acceptance speech was interrupted by a onetime collaborator. Tonight, he appeared on Larry King Live. » 3/08/10 10:10pm 3/08/10 10:10pm

"Lady Kanye": Journalist Interrupts Director's Oscar Speech (Updated)

She's already being called the white lady Kanye for running up onstage and interrupting Roger Ross Williams. Turns out she is Elinor Burkett, journalist and co-producer of the winning film, Music By Prudence. (On Monday, Williams appeared on Larry King.) » 3/07/10 9:43pm 3/07/10 9:43pm