Elementary School Newsletter Shows Different Curriculum For Boys and Girls

A newsletter sent to parents of grade school students in Texas showed very different curricula scheduled for the boys and girls. During a monthly class with the guidance counselor at Borchardt Elementary School, boys in the fourth and fifth grade would be learning about subjects pertaining to “college and career… »9/17/15 9:00pm9/17/15 9:00pm

Giving Teachers Guns? There's No Way This Could End Badly!

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, it stood to reason that perpetually underpaid, overworked, and shat upon teachers in other parts of the country might try to imagine what they'd do if a similar situation arose in their workplaces. In some places, they're reviewing safety… »12/28/12 5:10pm12/28/12 5:10pm