Yay: Celery Increases Jizz And Pheromone Production

Men who eat celery have higher levels of pheromones, which makes them virtually irresistible to us lady-folk, doctors claim. As a "bonus," celery ups the amount of ejaculatory fluids - not to mention the real perk of stronger climaxes. [Asylum] » 5/13/10 5:20pm 5/13/10 5:20pm

My Vegetable Love Should Grow...

Tremble in fear, cucumber, for you will no longer be used as a masturbatory aid now that someone purchased a cock ring. At least, that is what we think these ads are saying. Banana and eggplant versions available here: [AdFreak] » 4/01/10 2:30pm 4/01/10 2:30pm