Massive Easter Egg Hunt Descends Into Madness, Ends in All-Out Brawl

File Easter egg hunts under “things that parents ruin for everyone.” A massive egg search in Sacramento was supposed to break a world record for “the world’s largest Easter egg hunt” but the only award the event is winning is one in embarrassment and regret. And the record for crying toddlers whose fun was ruined by… » 4/06/15 3:50pm 4/06/15 3:50pm

Egg-Hoarding Parents Ruin Easter for their Kids

Yet another town's annual Easter egg search party has been called off because parents — the group that Nickelodeon always warned us would ruin kids' fun — in Macon, Georgia are apparently rapacious egg thieves who physically harm anyone who gets between their ugly little children and the smelly Easter eggs whose job… » 4/07/12 2:00pm 4/07/12 2:00pm