Child Brides, In Their Own Words

From a National Geographic essay accompanying an equally devastating photo series on child brides, on one girl married at eight: "She had been keeping a diary throughout high school. One of the entries read, in carefully lettered Hindi: 'In front of my eyes, I'll never ever allow child marriages to happen. I'll save… » 6/07/11 7:15pm 6/07/11 7:15pm

The Utter Pointlessness Of All That Marriage Advice

One researcher is claiming that women these days have less power in relationships, and so we'd all better get married young. But while relationship advice like this might make us mad (or anxious) it's not going to change our behavior. » 1/20/11 1:36pm 1/20/11 1:36pm

Male Newspaper Columnist Knows When Women Should Marry

According to Mark Regnerus at the WaPo, young women are delaying marriage because they think getting hitched is lame. Little do they know that early marriage is their only ticket out of shriveled, infertile loneliness! » 4/27/09 12:00pm 4/27/09 12:00pm